What Advice Do Fitness and Wellness Experts Give Beginners to Stay On Track With Fitness Goals?

    What's one piece of advice you give to beginners in fitness to help them stay on track?

    Embarking on a fitness journey can be daunting for beginners, so we've gathered insights from fitness professionals and wellness experts to offer guidance. From keeping fitness simple and joyful to prioritizing consistency over intensity, here are five key pieces of advice to help newcomers stay the course in their fitness endeavors.

    • Keep Fitness Simple and Joyful
    • Set Achievable and Gradual Goals
    • Start Small and Build Upon
    • Embrace Unseen Fitness Victories
    • Prioritize Consistency Over Intensity

    Keep Fitness Simple and Joyful

    Starting your fitness journey is a fantastic decision, and my best piece of advice for beginners is to keep it simple and enjoyable. Don't overwhelm yourself with complicated routines or extreme diets right off the bat. Instead, focus on finding activities you genuinely enjoy and making small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Whether it's a brisk walk, a dance class, or even playing a sport, the key is to make fitness a part of your routine without it feeling like a chore. Consistency is the secret sauce here, so find what brings you joy, and you'll be more likely to stick with it for the long haul.

    James Cunningham
    James CunninghamSenior Coach, Total Shape

    Set Achievable and Gradual Goals

    One piece of advice I would give to beginners in fitness to help them stay on track is to start small. Setting achievable goals and gradually expanding upon them is a very effective approach. For example, start by committing to two early-morning workouts per week initially, then gradually increase to three times per week. Habit stacking, where you consistently add new habits onto established routines, is an excellent way to stay consistent. The advice to start small in fitness is rooted in the principles of gradual progression and sustainable habit formation. By setting achievable goals and gradually building upon them, beginners can establish a solid foundation for their fitness journey. Embarking on a fitness routine can be overwhelming, especially for those new to it. Beginning with a manageable commitment, like two early-morning workouts per week, allows individuals to ease into the routine without feeling overwhelmed. This not only makes the initial phase more approachable but also increases the likelihood of adherence.

    Lisa Young
    Lisa YoungNutritionist and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, Dr. Lisa Young Nutrition

    Start Small and Build Upon

    Set small, realistic goals and build upon them over time. If you're not currently exercising, setting a goal to run for 1 hour 5 days per week may be unrealistic and unsustainable. Setting a smaller goal, like walking for 10 minutes every day, will be more achievable and help you build self-confidence. As you accomplish your goal, continue to build upon that goal.

    Victoria Whittington
    Victoria WhittingtonRegistered Dietitian, Victoria Whittington Nutrition

    Embrace Unseen Fitness Victories

    As a fitness enthusiast and the Community Lead at SQUATWOLF, I understand that the journey into fitness can be both exciting and challenging. Here's a piece of personal advice for beginners that has proven transformative for me: In a world that often celebrates the visible outcomes of fitness, my advice is to embrace the unseen victories. It's not always about the numbers on the scale or the mirror; instead, focus on the moments that don't come with metrics. Celebrate the extra flight of stairs climbed effortlessly, the newfound energy during the day, or the mental clarity after a workout. Acknowledge the small, daily wins that contribute to your well-being. By finding joy in these seemingly mundane victories, you'll foster a sustainable and positive mindset toward fitness. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, and the unseen victories often become the foundation for lasting change. Wishing you a journey filled with progress, joy, and unexpected triumphs.

    Muhammad Mustafa
    Muhammad MustafaCommunity Lead, SQUATWOLF

    Prioritize Consistency Over Intensity

    As a personal trainer, my advice to beginners is to focus on consistency over intensity. Establishing a sustainable routine, even if it's a shorter workout or a simple activity, ensures gradual progress and makes it more likely for individuals to stay committed to their fitness journey.

    John Frigo
    John FrigoeCommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition