How is Technology Incorporated into Fitness Coaching?


    How is Technology Incorporated into Fitness Coaching?

    In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness, technology plays a pivotal role. We've gathered insights from Fitness Coaches and industry experts to share how they've seamlessly integrated tech into their coaching methods. From utilizing technology for class sign-ups to advocating fitness and nutrition tracking apps, explore the four innovative ways these professionals are enhancing their coaching.

    • Utilize Tech for Class Sign-Ups
    • Streamline Fitness Operations with Tech
    • Personalize Training with Heart-Rate Monitors
    • Advocate Fitness and Nutrition Tracking Apps

    Utilize Tech for Class Sign-Ups

    I feel fortunate to work for a software development company that is extremely talented with technology! My classes and nutrition consultations benefit from the use of Calendly for sign-ups. Employees also utilize my recorded workouts with ease from their phones or the TV in the gym. Finally, we communicate frequently through the messaging app Slack or in person to stay in touch!

    Haley WilsonRegistered Dietitian & Fitness Coach, Apptegy

    Streamline Fitness Operations with Tech

    While perhaps not directly involved in fitness coaching, technology plays an integral role in fitness operations. Management software can aid in streamlining membership services. Podcasting, Instagram posts, and emails serve as means of providing educational content and direct communication. Applications like BridgeAthletic serve as means to provide customized programming to gym members, and platforms like Zoom provide a means for virtual nutrition coaching at a flexible capacity.

    Britt WileyFitness Coach and Registered Dietitian, Seattle Strength and Performance

    Personalize Training with Heart-Rate Monitors

    We use technology in several ways at our personal training studio. The most obvious way is the use of heart-rate monitors. We've used them for over 16 years as a way to gauge intensity and rest periods for each client. For those new to working out, our coaches are able to pace the workouts so the client can successfully reach the full hour-long session without feeling like they have to vomit. For clients who are prepping for a physique contest, they can more easily track their calorie expenditures and refuel properly without overindulging or overtraining. We use a medical-grade metabolic testing machine to test resting metabolic rates as well as VO2 max for improving our exercise prescriptions to achieve the clients' goals. Knowing these details helps us make better calorie targets for the clients and helps us hit the ideal heart-rate intensity during exercise. Since each person is different, and generic max heart-rate recommendations only apply to about 10% of the population, we're able to truly personalize the client's experience with information that can only be provided by their own bodies.

    Debra Hammett
    Debra HammettManaging Partner, Serious Results LLC

    Advocate Fitness and Nutrition Tracking Apps

    I incorporated technology into my fitness coaching in more ways than one. I advocate the use of fitness-tracking apps that help build consistency. Wearable devices, like smartwatches and chest heart-rate monitors, are very useful both for monitoring general health and athletic performance. Nutrition-tracking tools are also helpful for any dietary approach—weight loss, muscle gain, etc.

    Filip Maric
    Filip MaricSenior Fitness Writer, Rucking Basics